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Some of our regular customers includes wholesale shop seafood supply businesses, fisheries (direct source), online seafood order service company, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Among all the foods, seafood is the most nutritious food, and it is used to be the food for rich and upper class people. With the improvement of people’s standard of living, seafood has also entered the dining table of ordinary people.
However, seafood is produced in the coastal areas, and seafood products in some inland cities will be transported by seafood refrigerated trucks for long-distance transportation.
Our available refrigerated trucks are widely used in the transportation of seafood product. The transportation of seafood is different from that of fresh fruits and vegetables. There are more detailed requirements for the adjustment and loading of temperature and humidity.
Some of the sea produce that we help deliver includes local and premium catch produce: whole or fillet fish, salmon, tuna, swordfish, prawns, crab, shellfish, scallops, shrimp, king prawn, lobster, oysters and more.
Top high quality transportation of seafood requires that the temperature of the refrigerated compartment be pre-cooled to 0-5°C. Before the seafood is placed in a refrigerated truck, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the surface of the refrigerated vehicle so as to prevent the growth of bacteria in a closed space.
For the transportation of live seafood, buckets are usually placed in refrigerated compartments, and the relative humidity is 95% to 100%. The oxygenation device is increased to adjust the temperature in the compartment to a suitable range for transporting seafood.
For seafood requiring deep-frozenness, the temperature should be adjusted to -18 °C – 20 °C, need to be placed when transporting during the day or overnight to maintain its freshness.
During cold storage and transportation, because the cold machine is an air-cooled device, the surface of the seafood is easy dry, and a small amount of ice can be added to the refrigerated truck, which not only can prevent the drying, but also can prolong the preservation period, and usually can be kept fresh for about one month.
In addition to the above-mentioned conventional transportation methods, there is also a method of storing seawater containers in a refrigerated truck by cooling the seawater to 0-1°C, and the seafood are directly put into the cooled seawater for preservation.
The preservation period of this method is usually 10-14 days, and the preservation quality is also better. However, the problem is that the aquatic products are slightly salty and need to be rinsed before consumption.
The best type of conventional refrigerated truck do not come with anti-corrosion effect, and seawater immersion for a long time will cause corrosion to the compartment and damage the normal function of the compartment.
Therefore, after the seafood has been delivered, it is necessary to clean the refrigerated compartments in time and open the doors to dry them so as to avoid corrosion of the seawater on the compartments and the cold.

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