Whereas for transporting temperature sensitive products such as daily products, meat, seafood, fruits for long distance, it is compulsory to use a box truck that is fully equipped with refrigeration unit or we called it as refrigerated truck.
There are many sizes or capacity of box truck in the market. Our new trucks size ranging from 1,3,6,8,10 tone.
These type of trucks come with 2 panels door at the back and 1 panel side door on the left and right.
For easy guide for loading and unloading small load during the day, the truck driver can use the side door to reduce the cold air outflow from the truck. Whereas for pallet loading and unloading, it has to use the rear door.
The rear door can open widely 270 degree for easy loading and unloading at the loading bay.
Truck Rental
Truck Rental
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